Now, if you weren't aware (but hopefully you were, right?), our small but mighty crew here at Inside the Box Productions came together over this past summer and created what is arguably our most ambitious project yet: Within Our Walls.

This immersive theatre one-act horror/thriller play gave audiences a very strange, unique, and voyeuristic experience via a first-of-its-kind format. As suggested in the play's title, you are physically INSIDE the walls of the timid Pierce family's home, peeking out from cracks, holes, and ventilation grates as you piece together what exactly is happening within this house. To create a set like this from the ground up was no easy task, and our team pulled it off immensely well. Though we had months in advance to conceptualize and design, there was only one entire month allotted to constructing and fabricating EVERYTHING from scratch. Our wizards in the scenic crew, such as Sam Deetjen (Construction Manager) and Lily Omundson (Art Department Lead) worked under the leadership of Sam Kellman (Writer/Director/Producer) to literally bring the Pierce house to life. And maybe... death.

The show's run is unfortunately over, as it ran for multiple weekends throughout July 2022, but we are absolutely stoked to announce that there is a whole lot of online video content for you to peruse! Whether you didn't get to make it out to the show in person or just want to relive it all again, we've got you covered.

The full Point-of-View video of the entire show can be viewed HERE, shot by our friend Zenzelé Moore-Ysaguirre.
An in-depth behind-the-scenes video covering the show's evolution from concept to construction through tech install and opening can be watched HERE.

We had an absolute blast running our first immersive experience officially under Inside the Box Productions, and this is most definitely far from our last. We're already mischievously plotting another...

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