Inside the Box is a Los Angeles-based independent production company founded upon the belief that in the entertainment world, a successful end result begins with a great story. Whether it's through creating films, live immersive experiences, developing visual effects, editing a piece, or even designing a title sequence, there's always a story being told within whatever we're up to.

The company was founded by 21-year-old writer/director Sam Kellman, who quite frankly can't picture his life without storytelling, as he's been doing this thing since he was in kindergarten. Throughout his high school years spent at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, Sam created multiple short films and music videos, some going on to win awards at Moondance, WestFlix, NFFTY, Seattle International Film Festival, and All American High School Film Festival, among others. In 2024, he graduated from Emerson College with a BA degree in Visual Media Arts.

No matter what the project, whether personal or for a client, we are always utilizing incredibly talented young artists to bring these works to life. Inside the Box believes in engaging storytelling and well-executed visuals.

We are extremely excited to see what the future brings, planning on continuing to produce short films, immersive experiences, and high-quality video content. Feel free to contact us regarding any inquiries you may have. Just remember to stay thinking inside the box. We don't do ANYTHING remotely interesting. At all. Period. Get lost. Unless you were planning on contacting us. Therefore, we'll consider you. Maybe.​​​​​​​

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