We've just announced an all-new immersive experience that is arriving SOONER than you think! Coming January 2023, prepare to be transported to 2044, a future where underground entertainment troupes such as The Sandmen Collective plunge audiences into the abstract dreamscapes of others. Welcome to SLEEPWALKR. That's the name of the technology that makes this dreamscape linking possible— don't worry that the machines are illegally sourced. And heavily modified. It's only to enhance the experience.

SLEEPWALKR is Inside the Box's brand-new immersive sci-fi 360-degree audio experience that blends the intimacy of a radio drama with the intensity of a live immersive attraction. Choose your dreamer— there are three available— each with their own, completely unique dreamscape for you to explore. Prepare to be enveloped within the abstract, experimental storytelling of their subconscious via expertly mixed 360-degree immersive audio and live sensory effects— all the while being trapped in complete darkness. Will it be ethereal, emotional, horrifying, uplifting? You'll have to see for yourself. Choose your dreamer(s) wisely. It's unlike anything you've ever experienced before. Inside the Box Productions welcomes you to SLEEPWALKR.

The experience is co-creative directed by Sam Kellman (Within Our Walls, TOUR, The Donnie Darko Experience) and David Coleman (Redwater, Salem: Escape the Coven). 

Explore the experience's interactive website HERE (www.sleepwalkr.org), where you'll find more details on its storyline, as well as a link to purchase tickets (which go live next week, on December 9th).

We can't wait for you to see what we've got in store with this one. Or rather, we can't wait for you to HEAR.
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