Taking a brief break from our immersive experience work, we are returning back to our roots in the independent film world-- and are very, VERY excited to announce our upcoming 30-minute short film: "You're Doing Great." This labor of love film project has been in the works for over a year now, and is just entering the post-production phase! We plan to release the project sometime in 2024, and are seriously considering a festival run. 

We've primarily decided to announce the project now because we actually need YOUR help! You! Yes, you! We are currently seeking donations for the next few weeks (with a $1,500 goal) in order to get this film through post-production and to the finish line, as up until now this project has been completely self-funded out-of-pocket by some silly twenty-somethings. You can find the short's GoFundMe HERE, where we've also included lots of other production information, like how this extra budget will be split up, as well as some really fun exclusive perks/rewards for donors-- including getting your name in the end credits, receiving a prop from the film, gaining early access to view it, and more-- all starting at just a $5 donation!
Curious to learn more about our ambitious new project? Not to worry! Below, we've included some other brand-new information about the short film. Enjoy!

Following the death of his parents, a pliant seventeen-year-old living in a kitschy future where happiness is sold as a commodified drug trepidatiously takes on his first job in order to make ends meet for him and his ailing younger brother– in the form of finally affording “true” bliss.
You're Doing Great is an absurdist sci-fi black comedy about grief, capitalistic ignorance, and acidic bird shit.

The Creators:
The film is directed and produced by Sam Kellman (Stuffed, Within Our Walls, Two Hogs and a Pig), co-writing alongside Aidan Dorn-Wallenstein (Wyrm, Sugar Pine 7, Stuffed), who also stars in the film. It's been a truly ambitious undertaking for everyone involved, having been in development for over a year and requiring over 50 dedicated cast and crew members to bring it to life.

Current Production Update:
The film has recently wrapped on principal photography, which was a tremendous feat completing a 30-minute short within a 7-day timespan and just over $10,000 worth of out-of-pocket budget. But it happened! Once again, our cast and crew have been absolutely incredible in fully realizing this retro-futuristic dystopian world. Naturally, we're diving right into post-production, with Sam already set to edit the film, but, it's looking like we'll need just a bit more funding to finish post and complete this final stretch, as this was solely a passion project film that was completely self-funded, and unfortunately... we're out of self-funding! This is precisely why we're coming to GoFundMe to hopefully raise an extra $1,500 to finish our crazy movie. Adding on a last additional $500 from Sam and Aidan to what is raised, our goal is to have $2,000 remaining to complete the post-production on this film. With so many extremely talented young folks throwing their all at this production (the majority of the crew being under 22 years old), we absolutely want to see it through to the finish line, and we need YOUR help! Please consider donating, because as cliche as it sounds, every dollar truly does count! We are really proud of this one and can't wait to share it with you.

Preview Stills:
We're REALLY looking forward to releasing this crazy thing for everyone to see, and will definitely continue to update our audience in the months to come. Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on Instagram (@insidetheboxprod) to be the first to hear about new info!
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