We've just announced our biggest project yet, something that's been in the works for the past six months: Within Our Walls. This incredibly unsettling piece of immersive theatre will put guests in an eerily voyeuristic position as they eavesdrop on a suburban family from the insides of their home’s walls. 

The show is written and directed by Sam Kellman (The Donnie Darko Experience, TOUR, Jack’s Halloween JamBOOree) and production designed by Andrew Morris (A Primordial Place, Those Who Remain), along with so many more outstanding cast and crew members that we cannot wait to reveal. It will take place in Los Angeles this summer.

More details are coming VERY SOON, so be sure to visit www.withinourwalls.show to sign up for the show's email list, making you the first to receive any new updates. Also, follow @insidetheboxprod on Instagram for updates as well.

We are extremely excited to bring this intense piece of immersive theatre to your eyeballs soon, be sure to stay tuned!
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