Join us on May 26th as we hold our first official Inside the Box public screening of our all-new 40-minute short film, "You're Doing Great," with some added surprises in store! The film will be screened at the absolutely awesome WHAMMY! Analog Video in Los Angeles, and in addition to the screening we will also be featuring displays of screen-used PROPS and CONCEPT ART from film, as well as a LIVE in-universe Neurofil product demo that you don't want to miss.

For TICKETS and more details, visit:

For film information and other screening dates, visit:

​It's going to be a great night, and we hope to see you there! Space is limited, so we recommend securing tickets as soon as possible!

Additional Info:
We are so incredibly excited to be able to share our newest short film with you all! As we are currently in our film festival phase of release, we are not yet able to publish the project for online viewing, and have only screened the film twice now (once during our cast/crew screening and again with our film festival premiere at Hollywood Shorts Fest). Since it's in such a limited state of availability at the moment, we wanted to provide another opportunity for audiences to see the film, and that brings us to this upcoming public screening!

Synopsis: Following the death of his parents, a pliant seventeen-year-old living in a kitschy future where happiness is sold as a commodified drug trepidatiously takes on his first job in order to make ends meet for him and his ailing younger brother– in the form of finally affording “true” bliss.
​Film Runtime: 39 minutes
​Genres: Sci-Fi, Black Comedy
​Content Warning: explicit language, and brief depictions of violence, mental illness, and suicide
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